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Jim From Dawson: Whitehorse Sucks!

Al Macleod of Whitehorse wrote and performed “Jim From Dawson: Whitehorse Sucks!” initially as a standup comedy act. Al portrays a hardline Dawson resident who thinks only Dawson City, home of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-98 and former capital of the Yukon, is the “real” Yukon. He has to come to the Yukon's present-day capital, Whitehorse, for an operation on his head, and is reminded how much he thinks Whitehorse f---en sucks. Then there's those good-lookin' wimmen -- stuck-up city-types who sometimes can be downright rude! Justine Davidson portrays one such gal, who politely lets Jim know what she thinks of his advances. After a few more beers, Jim makes the rounds of government offices and radio stations to give them a piece of his mind, but somehow doesn't recognize the gal at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as the same one he hit on in front of the beer parlour. Jim's seven-minute rant captures the indignant attitudes of those who think they're from someplace way better than any other, and who have all the answers. His monologue is rife with coarse language, so cover your ears and send the children out of the room. Meanwhile, enjoy a wonderful spoof on a slice of Yukon life.

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Jim From Dawson: Whitehorse Sucks!

Genre: Short comedy

Warning: coarse language throughout

Length: 7 mins


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