Bond Of Strangers - available everywhere

This new Documentary of Remembrance is now available to viewers everywhere in the world.

Please share this with your friends, family and colleagues.

* For DVD or Blu-ray, order from!bond-of-strangers/c1x8f

* To rent or purchase online in High Definition, go to

* To rent online in Standard Definition, go to

* To watch on Air Canada inflight entertainment in November, go to TV/Documentaries: Bond of Strangers

* In Whitehorse on Northwestel Community Cable, see on channel 9, 209 and in HD on 709

* In Yellowknife on Northwestel Community Cable, see on channel 20 or in HD on 709

* Visit us on Facebook and share with your friends:

* Watch this space for future announcements about other screenings for live audiences and television broadcasts.

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