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Gloria's Silver Crossing

"I can't recall thinking, 'You've got a dad.'" An unusual thought for a little girl. But in World War Two, Gloria Guinyou was raised by her grandparents - because her dad had been killed by an enemy mine on a battlefield in northern Italy, and her mother was unable to care for her.


Sgt. George Adams, a member of Toronto's 48th Highlanders, was buried, like so many other Canadians, not far from where his life ended, 7000 km away from home.


Later in life, Gloria wanted to know more about her father. Sixty-five years after his death, she made the long-distance journey with a tour group to visit those battlefields and cemeteries in Italy where Canadians took on and defeated some of Hitler's best troops -- at a high cost to both sides. On this special trip of Remembrance, Gloria wore around her neck the Silver Cross that had been given by the Canadian government to her dad's mother.

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Gloria's Silver Crossing

Genre: Documentary short

Length: 9 mins


Gloria's Silver Crossing is one in a series of short films by Max Fraser called "Documentaries of Remembrance" that follow Canadians' journeys to Europe to honour the fallen.


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