Bond of Strangers -
The Operation Husky Story:
Canadians literally "go the distance for remembrance."
Broke Down Dawson Town
A fun and funny drama-comedy about two young Atlantic Canadians who arrive in Dawson City broke.
Never Happen Here -
The Whitehorse 9/11 Story:
Terror in the sky wreaks havoc on the ground as a 'hijacked' 747 approaches.
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Martinis of the Wilderness
A documentary-fantasy about Yukon moose hunting, the Holy Trinity and the search for the God Particle.
Painting Red Square
Witness the struggle of the labour-left in Whitehorse to find a friendly watering hole where they can share.
Jim From Dawson: Whitehorse Sucks!
Jim thinks Whitehorse sucks! And those good-lookin' stuck-up city types can sometimes be downright rude!
Little John Country
Discovery of ancient human artifacts, the oldest in Canada, linking aboriginal past and present.
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Seaforths' Legacy: Return to Agira
Enjoy this moving short about Operation Husky 2013, commemorating the Canadian war effort.
Gloria's Silver Crossing
Growing up, Gloria never thought about not having a dad. Later in life, she wanted to know more.
How Michael Got His Medals
A young boy from Canada joins veterans on a tour of WW2 battlefields.
Madeline's Rock
Madeline would have done anything for her dad. After his death in WW2, she travelled to visit his grave.
Return to Pontecorvo
Sixty-five years after liberating the little Italian town of Pontecorvo, Canadian veterans are welcomed back.
Veterans at Villanova
Witness a special tradition of Remembrance in the little town of Villanova, Italy.
Last Post at Menin Gate
The moving tribute held every night in the town of Ieper, Belgium, to honour the fallen from World War One.
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