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How Michael Got His Medals

A young boy from Canada joins veterans on a tour of WW2 battlefields, and comes home with a chest full of medals.


Eight-year-old Michael learns about the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers in World War Two as he travels through Italy with his dad and a group of veterans who are visiting battlefields, cemeteries and museums. He also gets to meet some of today's soldiers – veterans of the war in Afghanistan. Michael impresses the whole tour group with an impromptu speech at the Moro River Cemetery after a visit to Ortona. On the tour he collects an impressive collection of “medals” which he wears with pride.


How Michael Got His Medals is one in a series of short films by Max Fraser called "Documentaries of Remembrance" that follow Canadians' journeys to Europe to honour the fallen.


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How Michael Got His Medals

Genre: Documentary short

Length: 6 mins.


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