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Seaforths' Legacy:

Return to Agira

Enjoy this moving short film about Operation Husky 2013, a monumental series of events commemorating the Canadian war effort in Sicily 70 years before in July 1943. The DVD features the concert of the Seaforth Highlanders Pipes and Drums in the town square of Agira where their predecessors beat retreat in 1943 as Canadian soldiers fought the enemy on the outskirts of town.

The Seaforths were a proud part of Operation Husky 2013 and look forward to the forthcoming full-length documentary about OpHusky2013 from Max Fraser Video Productions.


This DVD was commissioned by the Seaforth Highlanders Foundation. Proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to the foundation.

Seaforths' Legacy: Return to Agira

Genre: Documentary


Order the DVD

1. SEAFORTHS' LEGACY: Return to Agira (13 mins)

2. Seaforth Pipes and Drums Concert at Agira, July 30, 2013 (24 min)

3. Special features:

Canadian Army Newsreel #13 (from 1943)

Canadian Army Newsreel #14

Canadian Army Newsreel #16

Audio track: WW2 radio broadcast of the pipe and drum concert, July 1943, by CBC correspondent Peter Stursberg


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