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Veterans at Villanova

Witness a special tradition of Remembrance in the little town of Villanova, Italy, where 206 Canadian soldiers have lain since WW2. Canadian soldiers were buried almost 65 years earlier. Battles in the area of the Lamone River, Canale Vecchio, Canale Naviglio and the Senio River took their toll on Canadian troops, and to this day the local people remain deeply grateful.


Today, veterans, family members and people of the area are continuing the tradition of remembrance by learning more about the soldiers who lie buried in the cemetery at Villanova and placing photographs on their headstones. And every time Canadians come to visit, they are welcomed with open arms.


Veterans at Villanova is one in a series of short films by Max Fraser called "Documentaries of Remembrance" that follow Canadians' journeys to Europe to honour the fallen.

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Veterans at Villanova

Genre: Documentary short

Length: 9 mins.


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